Later, after graduating high school, Fred Jones went on to become a DJ (General Birddog) at KNAC and being a Firesign Theater freak, eventually produced an album or two of them. Joey, Fred, and other high school drama friends, including Ned Bernardin, Kevin Bray, and Cindi Johnson, created an improvisational radio theater group called Radio Free World, with the intent on being like the Firesign Theater. After many personnel changes and not much to show except a lot of great ideas, RFW faded out after a few years. 

Radio Free World was revived when Joey lived at a large apartment complex in Huntington Beach, California during the late 70's, called Huntington Gardens. Huntington Gardens was broken into four thematic sections (like the movie Westworld) with themes such as Polynesian, Roman, Greek, and Tudor. Around the outside were "pods" made up of studio apartments situated on stilts around circular staircases. Each living room in the Huntington Gardens complex was equipped with a speaker and volume control, which the management never used. Joey, who lived in a pod, came up with the idea to hook a large Scott tube power amp up to the speaker leads in his living room and began podcasting 'Radio Free World' over the 'Huntington Gardens Underground Radio Network.' Since people had volume controls, they could choose to tune in or not. The management didn't have a clue who was broadcasting, but it soon became the talk of the neighborhood. The programs were made up mostly of comedy shows and music, interspersed with L.A. Dodgers games, local weather, surf reports, and improvisational bits created by Joey's friends when they dropped by.

In the 1990's, when the Internet began to develop, Joey read some articles about Internet broadcasting, and decided  that this could be a way to revive RFW and send it across then entire planet.  So, he started and began Internet broadcasting  local events, comedy shows, music, and spoken word. Realizing that a Web site is also informational and part of the World Wide Web, Joey also made into a guide to connect people to other cool sites around the world and a place to share a world wide audience with events and people from Idyllwild, California.

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