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World News:

ABC - Online news, breaking news, feature stories and more from the U.S. - Stories and news videos online from Australia
Aljazeera - The English version of this widely viewed Arab world news outlet
allAfrica - The largest electronic distributor of African news and information worldwide
AlterNet - Alternative news source featuring thought provoking editorials - A major source of information from Libertarian and anti-war viewpoints
Arab News - The Middle East's leading English speaking daily newspaper

BBC - British Broadcasting Corporation site featuring international stories updated 24 hours/day
Bloomberg News -Financial news and commentary, market reports, charts, and analysis
Business Week - Daily and breaking news, plus blank stories from Business Week Online News

CBC - Canada's news, business, sports, health and science, arts, and kids resource
CBS - Breaking news headlines and videos from CBS News in the U.S.
China Daily - English news from China featuring blank stories, sports, culture, and more
CNET News - One of the best online technology news sites with timely stories updated daily
CNN - Cable News Network's International Edition with late breaking news from around the globe
CS Monitor - The Web site of the Christian Science Monitor daily online newspaper

Daily Mail - Daily tabloid newspaper in United Kingdom publishing since 1896

EIN News - A news service for global professionals that gloms news from over 25,000 sources
ENN - Environmental News Network is focused on news about our global environment
ESPN - Large sports portal with scores and editorials updated frequently

FOX - Entertainment network in the U.S.

Google News - News guide bringing in stories from news sources all over the world
Guardian U.S. - U.S. news from British national daily paper founded in 1821
Guardian World News - Latest world news from U.K.'s Guardian Unlimited

Haaretz - Online newspaper covering Israel and Palestine news and issues
Huffington Post - News, politics, entertainment, and more.

Independent - Online edition of The Independent from the U.K.
InfoWorld - Information technology news, including computer networking and security

Japan Today - Japanese news and discussion in English

Los Angeles Times - Popular daily newspaper from Los Angeles, California

Media Alliance - Striving for media excellence, ethics, diversity, and accountability
Mother Jones - Editorials and news from an alternative perspective

NBC - Large daily news outlet from NBC in U.S.
Neilsen Media Research - World famous research center of media - News from Australia and around the world online
News & Observer - The site of a daily newspaper from the southeast U.S.
Newsday - Online
Newsweek - Weekly news magazine from the folks at MSNBC
New York Times - Popular daily newspaper for New York, New York, U.S.
New Zealand Herald - Internet version of this New Zealand newspaper
NPR - National Public Radio homepage features educational and alternative programs from U.S. - This network and portal features news on human rights and global issues

Pacifica - Largest listener sponsered radio network in the U.S. is an alternative to corporate media
Politico - Politics, policy, and political news
Pravda - Daily news and information from Russia in English

Raw Story - Information and stories about political scandals, corruption, and "who knew what, when"
Reuters - Latest news and information from one of the largest news gathering syndicates
Roll Call - Newspaper from "Capitol Hill" in Washington D.C.

Salon - Alternative online magazine featuring creative editorials, satire, and opinions
Samachar - Daily news from India. Includes links to many Indian news sources
Science News - A weekly magazine of articles related to science and discoveries
SF Gate - News and editorial from the San Francisco Chronicle in the bay area of California
Slashdot - News for nerds, stuff that matters...
Sporting News - Your source for information about major league sports in the U.S.

The Hill - The newspaper for and about the U.S. Congress
Time - Online edition of the world famous news magazine

UPI - The United Press International site contains news, analysis, and insight into world affairs
USA Today - Web version of large national newspaper published in the U.S.
U.S. News and World Report - Latest news online from this weekly news magazine

Washington Post - Nation, world, technology, and Washington D.C. area local newspaper
Wall Street Journal - Most widely read financial newspaper in the U.S.
Wired News - Interesting and eclectic stories from cutting edge writers
World News - World News Network menu of news from regions all over the planet

Xinhuanet - World news from China View focused mainly on Pacific and China areas

Yahoo News - Feeds from tons of different news services can be organized and customized

ZENIT - The world as seen from Rome, Italy